Kunst und Design im Kontext von Abfall und Recycling

Art and Design in the context of waste and recycling

Liste der ausstellenden Künstler / Artists List

1.Ast, Guido; Nairobi, Kenya (flip flops, plastic bags, drift wood)
2. Bär, Bär und Knell; Bad Wimpfen, Germany (recycling plastics to furniture and lamps)
3. Bätz, Bettina; Neckargemünd, Germany (works with her own cutted hair)
4. Banach, Bernd, Winsen/Luhe, Germany (wind kinetics from metal scrap)
5. Bast, Alfred; Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany  (ashes and iron)
6. Bormann and Loewe; Stuttgart, Germany (water play with former plastic drinks coolers)
7. Bravakis-Hofmann; Angeliki, Germany and USA (aluminium scrap)
8. Burger, Anke Caroline; Berlin, Germany (photos)
9. Correnti, Enzo; Prato, Italy (drilled magazine papers)
10. Domeyer, Claudia; Cuxhaven, Germany (painted old shoes)
11. Epstein, Miles; San Francisco, USA (cork, cardboard, paper)
12. EST-Kunst der Gegenwart (Straub, Eleonore); Berlin, Germany (plastics, electronic scrap)
13. Fey, Jutta; Ahlen-Falkenberg, Germany (photos)
14. Fleiner, Samuel J.; Langenzell near Heidelberg, Germany (works from dumped books)
15. Galgenvögel (Maurer, Willi and Großmann, Harald); Uttenweiler, Germany (metal scrap)
16. Glasscherben-Köck, Erhard and Florian; Riedlhütte, Germany (glas)
17. Hattrup, Barbara; Salzkotten, Germany (yoghurt lids)
18. Hauck, Thomas J.; Kemptthal, Switzerland (ashes, soot)
19. Ignazio Fresu; Prato, Italy (polystyren, dust)
20. Köhler, Hermann; Karlsruhe, Germany (fish cans, bottle tops)
21. Kosselek, Ruppe; Münster, Germany (cans and other waste)
22. Krüger, Asche; Holste, Germany (kinetics from scrap)
23. Kurschat, Ingrid; Hamburg, Germany (scrap, cans and bottle tops)
24. Lechner, Regina; Passau, Germany (tetrapack, paper, fabrics and textile left overs)
25. Lassen, Peter; DK Haarby, Denmark (furniture from recycled plastics)
26. Linzner, Andreas; Hamburg, Germany  (pets from granny's towels)
27. Matheis, Peter; Heidelberg, Germany (scrap)
28. Matti, Luca; Firenze, Italy (sculptures from inner tubes)
29. Nawrocki, Piotr, Sadki, Poland (scrap and wood)
30. Petschatnikov; St. Petersburg, Russia (fruit and vegetable net, plastic bags)
31. Pucci, Puccio; I-Bagno a Ripoli, Italy (paintings on driftwood and scrap)
32. Reichl, Brigitte; München, Germany (cigar boxes, handkerchiefs, tissues, hair)
33. Richter, Dieter; Göttingen, Germany (old wooden boxes for fruit and vegetables)
34. Roenicke, Hilde; Otterndorf, Germany (splitters from coulered glass, watches and clocks)
35. Roesner, Heike; Berlin, Germany  (gift and pastry papers)
36. Rumpf, Odo; Köln und Leverkusen, Germany  (scrap and scrap kinetics)
37. Sabina, Maria; Brasil- Belo-Horizonte, Brasil (fabrics, bottle tops)
38. Schäfer, Hiltrud; Osnabrück, Germany (paper from plant materials)
39. Schäfers, Marita; Bad Wünnenberg, Germany (newspapers, packaging materials)
40. Schnöckel, Ulrich; Bad Wünnenberg, Germany (metall scrap)
41. Staffel, Anna; Berlin, Germany (toys, rope, bulk garbage)
42. Tetteh, Adom; Berlin, Germany (wire, rope, rags, wood, anything he gets in his hands)
43. Thomas, Mitsch; Wiesenbach/Baden (gym equipment, used nail pads, old prothesis, kinetics, paintings, installation)
44. Überall, Josef; Schwäbisch Gmünd (everywhere is art)
45. Voncampe, Victoria; Hamburg (little installations in acrylic boxes, sprap, cotton, plaster)
46. Voucalis, Hanne; GR-Thessaloniki (paper and kaligraphy)
47. Wagner, Sophia-Angela, Wiesenbach, Germany (Landart and light objects with fabrics and poly ethylen waste)
48. Weber, Ivo; Köln, Germany (cuttlery and cans)
49. Welk, Stefanie; Kleingemünd, Germany (electronic scrap, wire, concret)
50. Yorga; Chigné, France: (sticky tape and plastic wrap)
51. Zanol, Aguida; Brasil-Belo Horizonte (project Recyclar T3)